'Tracks in the Snow' is up and running!

Our all new winter show is now in full swing at The Ark in Dublin...

We're delighted to say that our all new winter show for children 'Tracks in the Snow' is now up and running at The Ark in Temple Bar, Dublin. 

The show, which was commissioned by The Ark, has been a year in the making (in between tours and other projects we've been working on!) and we now have 12 brand new original songs by us, all with a winter theme. 

Here is a trailer for the show...


The Ark have made a video to go along with another song from the show 'Wonderful Magical Sky/Aurora', which is basically an ode to the Northern Lights, which can often be seen from Malin Head in Co.Donegal, which is very close to where we are from. The link features photographs of the Aurora seen in Donegal by Malin Head photographer Ronan McLaughlin.



You can find out more info about booking, times, dates etc at this link:


The recommended age for audiences is 5+ years old, but of course anyone can come along!


Hope to see some of you there!
Merry Christmas! 
Karen, Lorna and Joleen xox